FBCG is the only non-profit organization that offers established family businesses in the GCC the opportunity to belong to a GCC-wide association, and at the same time be a part of the largest family business network.

FBCG is “By Families, For Families” and membership is restricted to members of family business owners. By joining FBCG, all members are automatically a member of FBN-International, connecting them to over 16,000 members from around the world. Some family businesses that make up the FBN International network are: Barilla (Italy), Camargo Correa Group (Brazil), Gallerie Lafayette (France), Henkel (Germany), ITAUSA (Brazil), Peugeot (France), Tolaram Group (India).

FBCG members are well-established and influential companies in the GCC region leading in a wide variety of sectors. All the principal members of FBCG are presidents, CEOs or members of the Board of Directors of the companies they own. Our membership is inclusive and focused on the family as a whole, we offer customized memberships to Next Generation family members, the backbone for the business future.

We provide an annual Family Business Membership that will benefit 2-5 members (depending on tier level); which include a Principal family member, actively involved in the family business, family foundation or family office, along with additional selected members. All members will be granted access to all FBCG programs, events and activities. Additional family members will have access to FBCG programs for additional fees.


  • The summit has stimulated us to ask the right reflective questions, and to also contribute in answering the questions of others.

    Musaab Al-Muhaidab
  • Family businesses can accelerate governance programs by engaging other family enterprises who have successfully navigated the process. Engaging with FBCG can help improve decision making, facilitate the exchange of best practices, and orient stakeholders for proactive decision making.

    Tarek Sultan Al Essa

What are membership benefits?

Members of the FBCG benefit from a series of international and local privileges crafted exclusively for the FBN members. These include:

  • Global Member Database | Access to a global network and membership directory of over 4,000 family businesses and 16,000 individual members
  • Exclusive FBN Member-only Events | Access to the annual FBN Global Summit and FBN NxG Summit and other FBN association forums, roundtables and workshops
  • Research and Education Resources | Access to FBN Xchange, an on-line resource library of case studies, articles, and presentations to help deepen your knowledge on family business issues
  • Next Generation Development | Various NxG programs, including the International Internships in over 90 companies to help prepare the next-generation members (18 - 40 years old) in our network
  • Peer Learning and Networking | Opportunities to expand your outlook by sharing experiences, issues and best practices with like-minded peers
  • Capacity Building and Social Impact | Understand the socioeconomic impact of family businesses, obtain valuable insights for policy stakeholders and contribute to high impact social initiatives.

Membership Application: We take membership for GCC businesses, a list of family and business criteria can be found in the Membership Criteria page. FBCG offers three membership tiers for GCC family business owners.